SleepHubs Challenge

do you want to improve your sleep?

Step 1: How well do you really sleep?

There is no easy measure of sleep quality, so Dr. Stanley has created the 1 minute SleepHubs Check-up: 4 simple questions that give an indicative score of your overall sleep. After completing the Check-Up, your score will determine whether or not you may need help to improve your sleep. Please click below to complete your SleepHubs Check-Up.

Step 2: How to improve your sleep.

The Science of Sleep with charlie oulton

If you would like to learn more about sleep, and what you can do to improve it, join us on Monday 13th May at 12pm for a talk with SleepHubs founder and Sleep Expert, Charlie Oulton.

After suffering from poor sleep for a number of years, Charlie understands just how life-changing a better night’s sleep can be, and he is now on a mission to help others to sleep better to live better.

Please complete the SleepHubs Check-Up ahead of the talk.

What to expect during The Science of Sleep:

  1. BESTSELLER employees - a view of your current sleep.

  2. Why do we sleep?

  3. What is sleep?

  4. How can we improve our sleep?

Charlie will also be there to answer your sleep related questions.

We look forward to seeing you there!