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Can you improve your sleep?


Please note: the Somnify Programme is now underway and therefore closed to new applicants. You may still complete the check-up however you will not be eligible to join Somnify.

From just a few simple questions, we can get a good idea of your sleep patterns. The quiz is scored out of a total of 20. The higher your score, the more likely you are to be a poor sleeper.

You will be placed into one of the following 3 bands:

Score 0-7 - you probably sleep well! It looks as though you don’t need much help, but we can offer you some top tips just incase.

Score 8-12 - you probably sleep ok, however you may benefit from some tweaks here and there. You are eligible to continue the SleepHubs Challenge with Somnify! A simple and fun way to improve your sleep. We’ll send your registration details via email.

Score 13-20 - there may be an underlying issue which is preventing you from sleeping well. If you’re placed in this band, you may want to complete a further assessment: ISAAC AI. Your results will then be analysed by one of our medical professionals who will advise on your next steps to improving your sleep. You’re also eligible for Somnify and will receive registration details via email.

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