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If you wake in the morning feeling unrefreshed or feel you could fall asleep right now, take the sleepiness survey for free to see if you have excessive daytime sleepiness.

Test your sleepiness - its quick & easy

Daytime sleepiness can be treated. You will be asked to respond by selecting one of 4 options to 8 questions. The scores will range from 0-24 the higher the score the higher the chance of daytime sleepiness.

If you do have daytime sleepiness, you may have an underlying sleep condition that is contributing to the fatigue. This can be assessed very easily by asking ISAAC.


You will be asked a number of questions in relation to your sleep routines and behaviours, and to complete a short reaction task. The answers and responses you give will be assessed and validated, and an individually tailored report produced, highlighting the possible presence of any underlying sleep issue.