Participate in pioneering mattress research.

We have teamed up with Tweak Slumber, manufacturers of bespoke, customisable mattresses, to conduct new research into what people need from a mattress - and how they can get it!

Please take a few minutes to read through the following information before applying to take part in this research.

Why are we carrying out this research?

The typical scenario when buying a mattress is going to a store and sitting/lying on a handful of options for a few minutes at a time, before choosing which you deem to be the most comfortable - but all too often this ends up being a meet-in-the-middle compromise to satisfy both partners. Furthermore, a few minutes lying on a mattress is not a true reflection of 8 hours at night, so you cannot get an accurate measure of comfort over a long period of time when shopping in store.

In recent years, many online retailers have cropped up, usually offering a 100 night returns policy which allows you to sleep on the mattress in your own home, and return for a full refund if you don’t like it. Most of these retailers take a one-size-fits-all approach, opting for a medium-firm mattress that works for the ‘majority’ of people, and there’s little difference between the different brands. We want to change this and enable mattress retailers to make personal recommendations for a mattress that truly offers the best night’s sleep for each individual sleeper - with zoned comfort and support.

How are we carrying out this research?

Firstly, we need participants ranging from back pain and chronic pain sufferers (such as Fibromyalgia) to non-pain sufferers.

We will collect some initial background information about your sleep in the form of 2 questionnaires. You will then be required to complete a daily sleep diary for around 6 weeks. After week 1, we will have a good view of your current sleep patterns and so at this point, we will deliver you a new mattress. You will continue to complete your sleep diaries whilst sleeping on your new mattress. It’s as simple as that! 2 questionnaires (which will take around 30 minutes to complete), and a simple sleep diary each morning - we do the rest!

Your data will be analysed by the SleepHubs team both before sleeping on the new mattress, and after. The data will be used to help us to see what works and what doesn’t for all body types, males and females, all heights, all weights and what works for particular pain points.

If you are successfully accepted on to the project, you will receive further information about what you need to do.

The mattress:

The Nrem mattress from Tweak has a unique design that allows each sleeper to tailor their comfort and support for different areas of the body. There are 5 zones down the length of the mattress, each of which can be customised using interchangeable foam inserts to super soft, soft, medium, firm or even extra firm. Each side of the mattress has its own zoning, so you and your partner can have a different setup. The Nrem also benefits from 1000 supportive pocket springs and a pressure relieving top layer.

The Nrem usually retails at £995 for a King Size however trial participants will receive a rejuvenated mattress for free (small delivery charges may apply to certain areas). If for any reason you do not wish to keep the mattress after the research project, you can return it (subject to collection/handling fees). You can also purchase additional foam inserts should you wish to ‘tweak’ your mattress even further.

Take part:

If you would like to participate in this project, please complete the following form. We will contact you directly to discuss your next steps if you are selected. To ensure you receive all correspondence, please add and to your address book.

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