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SleepHubs and Tweak Slumber: Mattress Research

Thank you for taking part in our mattress research! Before you begin your daily sleep diaries and sleep on your Nrem mattress, we need to gather some information about you and your sleep.

Step 1.

Please start with the SleepHubs Check-Up: a quick, 1 minute questionnaire, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Step 2.

After this, you’ll be taken to a further sleep assessment: ISAAC. Please purchase ISAAC, entering the discount code RESEARCH at the checkout (this will make your order free). You will then receive an email containing a link where you can complete the assessment. It is advised that you use a desktop or laptop with a mouse attached when completing ISAAC rather than touch-screen technology.

Step 3.

After you’ve completed steps 1 & 2, you will start to receive a daily email prompt to complete a sleep diary. Please try to complete your diary each morning when your memory is fresh - this only takes a few minutes. After 7-10 days, we will arrange delivery of an Nrem mattress which you can begin sleeping on right away. You will continue to receive sleep diary prompts each morning so that we can analyse the changes in your sleep.

If you have any questions during your trial, please email Kathryn at