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Further your sleep assessment or choose a Sleep Improvement Programme to suit your needs. If you need help selecting the right course for you, please scroll down for an overview of each option.

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Selecting the right course


1 Week

Select this option if you are continuing your sleep assessment to find out the best course of action to improve your sleep.

3 Weeks

The 3 week Somnify Programme is a sleep hygiene course, ideal for those who need to improve their sleep with some tweaks here and there. This course is not suitable for Insomniacs.

6 Weeks

The complete Somnify Programme lasts for 6 weeks and is a proven Cognitive Behavioural Treatment for Insomnia. This course should only be selected if it has been recommended by our sleep experts during assessment. The programme is all completed online - from the comfort of your own home. Founded by Icelandic Sleep Experts, over the past 5 years, Somnify has improved the sleep of many, showing excellent results in the treatment of Insomnia.