Somnify Light


Somnify Light


The Guaranteed Sleep Hygiene Improvement Course.

Enrol now for the next TweakSleep Challenge taking place in March 2019.

You complete a simple 2 minute sleep diary each morning and our experts analyse your pattern to determine the key change for you to make that will improve your sleep the most.

It works well for busy mums and stressed executives who find that gradually they no longer get quite enough quantity nor quality of sleep.

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The small things, constantly repeated, get results.

How it Works:


1) Register with some background information about yourself. You’ll be invited to complete the short questionnaire after placing your order.

2) For 10 days, record your usual sleep routine in a quick and easy online diary. We’ll send you a prompt via email, just click the link to go straight to your diary entry for that day.

3) Our experts analyse your current sleep pattern and explain to you what this pattern should look like. We then highlight where your opportunity to “Tweak” your sleep best lies and agree the action and expected outcome to achieve it.

4) You practice your Tweak for the next 2 weeks and continue to complete your sleep diaries.

5) We review your sleep performance and when it has improved, you’re presented with a graduation certificate.


80% of participants who complete the simple course, sleep for an extra 30 minutes per night. That’s 180 hours extra sleep per year, without spending any longer in bed!

And, just as importantly, their self-reported sleep quality also improves. Studies show that participants also continue to improve even further for several more weeks whilst they continue practicing.

As a guarantee: If your sleep doesn’t improve by 10% or more, we’ll give you a full refund.