A company sleep case study – Belron®

Belron® is the world's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group and is home to 29,000 employees in over 30 countries and five continents. Belron International is the group’s global support centre, based in the UK. As part of Belron International’s wellbeing programme, SleepHubs was asked to offer support to their 250 employees. With people being generally fit and active, only 48 felt they wished to complete the survey. Based on the results, 22 were then recommended to take part in a 24-day sleep programme called The TweakSleep Challenge. This programme helps people re-learn how to sleep well again and become engaged and more confident, better sleepers.

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Participation is very simple and took only a few mins each day, with each participant submitting a quick and simple email sleep diary every morning. This was assessed by a sleep expert who identified the main issues and then a sleep coach discussed with the participant, what “tweak” they need to adopt as routine, followed by a fortnight of practice.

Within two weeks, on average, all were getting an extra half an hour of sleep each night, feeling better and improving their sleep quality by +10% without spending more time in bed. Some people achieved an extra hour per night or more.